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Gospel Adventures Show

The Gospel Adventures Show is a weekly kids program created in partnership by Lutheran Hour Ministries and Group Publishing. Through Bible Stories, songs, storytelling, and activities, kids will encounter clear and compelling Gospel themes. Join our hosts, Ben and Noah, as they teach listeners about Jesus and His love for us!

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Hear the Bible stories again in the Friends With God Story Bible. To listen to great songs, like our theme song Light of the World, search for Lifetree Kids or groupmusic on your favorite music streaming service or visit


Episode 14: Little Leroy's Bait Shop


Ben is bursting at the seams to share a big, exciting announcement! Ben and Noah discover that God is trustworthy, and they see how Paul and Silas trusted God as they shared the big, exciting news about Jesus. You'll get to join in the fun and practice putting your trust in God.

This episode's songs are I'm Trusting You, In You Alone, and Stand Strong.

Meet Gracie

Theme: God is trustworthy.

Key Verse: Isaiah 40:31

Supplies Needed: (none)

Episode 13: Bombastic Beluga


Ben and Noah see how well they know each other and examine how we can grow closer to God. In this episode, you can make a fun reminder to stick close to God at all times.

This episode's songs are Leaning on the Everlasting Arms and Never Let Me Go.

Meet Noa and Mcenna

Theme: I can grow closer to God.

Key Verse: Colossians 2:6-7a

Supplies Needed: three pieces of ribbon, about a foot each

Episode 12: A Well-Done Plate of Earmuffs


As Ben recovers from a power outage at his home, Noah and Ben explore what it means to receive power from the Holy Spirit. You can try translating foreign phrases and play with the power in your home.

This episode's song are Living By the Spirit, My God Is Powerful, and Your Power Will Pull Us Through.

Meet some new friends

Theme: I have power through the Holy Spirit.

Key Verse: Acts 1:8

Supplies Needed: none

Episode 11: Eight Billion Years


As Ben and Noah consider what Jesus did on the cross, they realize just how much God loves us. Thre's no limit to God's love!

This episode songs are God Loves Us So and Jesus Love Me.

Meet Deacon, Hudson, and Ben

Theme: I am deeply loved.

Key Verse: John 3:16

Supplies Needed: paper, something to draw with

Episode 10: Car Singing Is the Best!


Ben and Noah explore how Mary worshipped Jesus. You can join in worshipping Jesus in song and by filling a cup!

This episode's songs are All Creatures of Our God and King, Doxology, and Praise Him.

Meet Jadyn

Theme: I can worship Jesus.

Key Verse: Psalm 95:6

Supplies Needed: cup, small things that can fit in the cup (like cotton balls of Legos)

Episode 9: Free All the Captive Penguins


Join Ben and Noah as they explore Queen Esther's story. God put Esther in the right place at the right time and he does the same for us! In this episode, try to master the game "Right Place, Right Time."

This episode's songs are Made for This and Ready to Serve.

Meet Riley

Theme: I can make a difference

Key Verse: Esther 4:14b

Supplies Needed: paper, something to draw with

Episode 8: Ben's Not a German Shepherd


Noah talks about his new puppy! Ben (the puppy) helps remind Ben (the human) and Noah that is God like a shepherd.

This episode's songs are I'm Trusting You and I Will Trust You.

Meet Chex

Theme: I can trust God for help.

Key Verse: Psalm 23:1

Supplies Needed: tissue or cotton ball

Episode 7: I've Gotta Hand It to You


Ben and Noah learn how Elisha helped a widow fill jars with oil! They look at handy ways they can help others, too.

This episode's songs are Give It Away, Love Round, and Ready to Serve.

Meet Ben and Sam

Theme: I can help others.

Key Verse: Romans 12:13

Supplies Needed: scissors, paper, pencil or pen

Episode 6: Captain Chicken Dance


Ben and Noah explore how to make peace and learn practical steps to apologizing. They learn how Abigail made peace in the Bible!

This episode's songs are It Is Well with My Soul and Shalom.

Meet Sarah

Theme: I can make peace.

Key Verse: Romans 12:18

Supplies Needed: none

Episode 5: I've Got Your Back


Ben and Noah are best friends. They learn about Ruth and Naomi and discover that best of all, we're God's friends!

This episode's songs are God Is For Me, I Have a Friend, and Your Friend.

Meet Renee and Alina

Theme: I am God's friend.

Key Verse: Romans 5:11

Supplies Needed: paper, something to draw with

Episode 4: Tooth Hurty


Ben is feeling a bit scared about his upcoming dentist appointment, so Noah teaches him the story of Joshua. Together, they learn how to be brave with God.

This episode's songs are I Will Not Be Afraid, I Won't Be Afraid, and Won't Worry 'Bout a Thing.

Meet Bryan

Theme: I can be brave with God.

Key Verse: Joshua 1:9

Supplies Needed: 10 things you can stack on top of each other (such as Legos, blocks, or cups)

Episode 3: Dust Buffalos


When Noah struggles to figure out how to get into the Guinness Book of World Records, Ben helps him learn how to do his best for God--even if it doesn't break world records. Ben and Noah explore how Joseph always did his best to serve God in the Bible.

This episode's songs are I Will Follow God, I'm All In, and 'Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus.

Meet Genevieve

Theme: I can do my best for God.

Key Verse: Colossians 3:23

Supplies Needed: none

Episode 2: Flood Fright


Ben and Noah explore the biblical account of Noah, who experienced God's forgiveness when the whole world got a do-over. They use paper towels and soap to experience their own do-overs!

This episode's songs are God Forgave, You Forgive Me, and You Gave.

Meet Keizo

Theme: I am forgiven.

Key Verse: 2 Corinthians 5:17

Supplies Needed: paper towels, washable markers, a bowl or sink full of soapy water

Episode 1: Candy-Matizer


Join Ben and Noah as they learn about the exciting purposes God has for us. They explore Adam's purpose of naming the animals and make up out-of-this-world inventions!

This episode's songs are All Creatures of Our God and King, Made for This, Ready to Serve, and Wild About Us.

Meet Dominic

Theme: I am made for a purpose.

Key Verse: Psalm 139:13-14

Supplies Needed: craft supplies (whatever you have!)