Where are we going?

This year’s Gospel Adventures will explore the rich culture of Peru!

With remarkable landscapes from the Amazon River, Machu Picchu, and more, Gospel Adventures: Passport to Peru is sure to be a journey to remember! Kids will be introduced to kids just like them living in Peru who carry their faith with them through day-to-day life. Teach your kids about the foods, animals, people and places of Peru with Gospel Adventures.

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Grade School Interactive Curriculum

Lead kids through activities and discussion that connect with life and kids in Peru as you explore the power of Jesus' love for a diverse world. Extend your stay with bonus games and snack ideas.

  • Enjoy new music and videos that will make the journey exciting and memorable.
  • Be immersed in a new culture to learn fascinating facts of day-to-day life by meeting a new Peruvian kid every day and hearing his or her story.
  • Witness the importance of God's work and discover God's good gifts for us all.

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Middle School Online Experience

Set your older kids loose to explore in-depth aspects of Peruvian culture with our online experience.

  • Watch videos about daily life for kids in Peru.
  • Engage in activities that explore language, history, and food.
  • Dig into God's Word and discover God's good gifts for us all.

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Support the Global Kids Fund

Support the spread of the Gospel around the world to kids just like yours.

  • Collect a chapel offering
  • Conduct a coin drive in your classroom
  • Use the Gospel Adventures: Passport to Peru Music CD as a fundraiser
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