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Gospel Adventures is a program of Lutheran Hour Ministries and shows the different methods and opportunities that Christians worldwide use to share the Good News.

How can you make an impact on kids around the world?

A main feature of Gospel Adventures is the opportunity for kids in the United States to help raise funds that directly support children in other regions all over the globe. Since 2012, kid donors have given around $300,000 to Lutheran Hour Ministries’ Global Kids Fund that supports kid-centered ministry efforts in countries around the world.

What can YOU do to share the Gospel in Australia?

In many countries today, more than 70 percent of the population is under 25 years of age. Because of realities such as broken families and secularism, many of these young people receive little moral or spiritual education in their homes, and their values are often shaped instead by potentially negative influences such as the media, music, or their peers. One of the ways Lutheran Hour Ministries reaches out to children is through various digital programs.

For example, LHM—Uruguay staff created a character named Estrellita who virtually invites children into her home each week through YouTube videos. She tells viewers what is in her heart and how the Lord teaches her to be a better person through the stories she reads in her Bible. She learns in the Bible that Jesus loves her and forgives her for her sins.

In Myanmar, LHM staff launched a free mobile app for children that includes reading, video, and audio options such as children’s Bible Correspondence Courses, children’s songs, puppet shows, and children’s booklets.

LHM offers Project JOEL in a growing number of countries. The name JOEL stands for Jóvenes con Espíritu Libre, or “youth with a free spirit,” and the program is designed to provide biblically-based guidance for youth to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Our partner in Australia, Lutheran Media, offers a website geared toward children called Happyland. Happyland offers a variety of digital resources to keep children engaged with the Gospel message.

YOU can help reach out to children around the world with the Gospel by supporting our Global Kids Fund. All the funds raised this year will help support LHM children’s programs around the world.

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Looking for Ideas?

Chapel Offering

Collect special offerings from your school or congregation to support the Global Kids Fund. Small contributions can make a big impact!

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Coin Bank Project

Take part in the Global Kids Fund Coin Bank Project! Print and assemble your coin bank, fill it with coins, and then send in your donation to reach kids internationally.

Download PDF Coin Bank

Other Ideas

To align your activities with our 2024 Gospel Adventures program, Awesome Australia, consider holding an Australian celebration with cultural food, games, and entertainment. Donate all the proceeds to the Global Kids Fund.

Brainstorm other ways to tell family and friends about what God is doing through LHM. Invite them to make a small gift of their own.

One Example of Supporting LHM’s Mission

Fourth- and fifth-grade students at Immanuel Lutheran School in Loveland, Colorado, participated in Gospel Adventures: Celebrate India in January 2023. “We did some coloring sheets, played the recess games with the numbers, practiced some writing, and enjoyed all of the videos,” says fourth- and fifth-grade teacher, Elizabeth Grimm. Students particularly enjoyed the videos and number-counting games. “Students really enjoy seeing the videos and ‘meeting’ kids from other countries. It really provides an element of perspective as we talk about faith and blessings. The videos and Gospel Adventures program also provide a wonderful springboard for cross-cultural connections, great conversations, and writing activities.”

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Donations can be mailed to:

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