Where are we going?

This year’s Gospel Adventures program is heading to Australia!

Teach your students about the foods, animals, people, and places of Australia with Gospel Adventures. Look into the day-to-day lives of people like you in Australia through music, videos, and fun characters with Gospel Adventures. Not only do participants get to see how people live and work in other countries, but they also get to see God’s work in action with examples of how they can share the Gospel with people in these areas through prayer and designated chapel offerings. Join us for Gospel Adventures: Awesome Australia!

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Grade School Interactive Curriculum

Lead kids through interactive activities and discussions that connect with life and kids in Australia. This curriculum includes more opportunities for children’s interaction through hands-on activities, exercises, and exciting ways to learn about how the Gospel reaches people in Australia. Access engaging music and videos, be immersed in a new culture to learn fascinating facts of daily life, and reflect on the work of the Gospel in your life and around the world.

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Middle School Online Experience

Set your older kids loose to discover in-depth aspects of Australian culture with our interactive online experience. This curriculum allows opportunities for older kids to dig into God’s Word through interactive videos and lessons. They will enjoy activities that explore the culture, history, people, and foods of Australia.

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